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Players Divided by Age & Ability Children are divided by age and ability across the courts in each camp-like setting. Each site will have a head coach and assistants to oversee the day's activities, beginning with warm-up, skill of the day, and practice, followed by 1/2 hr. of games for the Middle School and match play for the Intermediate/Advanced players. There are no residency requirements for LCTA programs. Scroll down for a full description of all our programs.

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You can enroll a child in multiple weeks. All transactions will be gathered in your shopping cart for final secure check-out via credit card or mail in payment. 

If applying for a scholarship or discounts for multiple children in a family, please choose Mail in Payment at checkout and send a request to info@leecta.com. All families are offered a $10 discount for each additional child. 



..............Program........... Age Group ..Time..


6/20-6/23    Tues.-Fri.   Lee MS/HS  USTA 10U Tennis - All Levels 5-10 9-10:00 


  Middle School 11-14 9-10:30  $45
  Intermediate - Advanced 9-15 9-11:00  $60
  Tennis Academy (Extended Day) 9-15 9-2:30  $150
6/26-6/30   Mon.-Thurs.  Lee MS/HS  USTA 10U - All Levels 5-10 9-10:00  $30
  Middle School 11-14 9-10:30 $45
  Intermediate - Advanced  9-15 9-11:00  $60
  Tennis Academy (Extended Day) 9-15 9-2:30 $150
7/10-7/14   Mon,Tues. & Thurs., Fri.   Lenox CC  USTA 10U Tennis - All Levels 5-10 12:30-1:30 $30
  Middle School 11-14 12:30-2:00 $45
  Intermediate - Advanced 9-15 9-11:00 $60
7/17-7/21   Mon,Tues. & Thurs, Fri.    Lenox CC USTA 10U Tennis - All Levels 5-10 9-10:00 $30
  Middle School 11-14 9-10:30 $45
  Intermediate - Advanced 9-15 9-11:00 $60
7/24-7/27   Mon.-Thurs.    Lee MS/HS  USTA 10U Tennis - All Levels 5-10 9-10:00 $150
  Middle School  11-14 9-10:30 $45
  Intermediate - Advanced 9-15 9-11:00 $60
  Tennis Academy (Extended Day) 9-15 9-2:30 $150
7/31-8/3   Mon.-Thurs.    Lee MS/HS USTA 10U Tennis - All Levels 5-10 9-10:00 $30
  Middle School 11-14 9-10:30


  Intermediate-Advanced 9-15 9-11:00 $60
  Tennis Academy (Extended Day) 9-15 9-2:30 $150

  Our coaches have received certification at USTA Coaching Clinics, including the USTA Ten & Under Coaching Workshop.

Our coaches have passed background checks by the National Center for Safety Initiatives, as required by the USTA.


TEN AND UNDER TENNIS introduces tennis to children based on age, physical size and ability. By modifying the court dimensions (36 feet or 60 feet in length), equipment (appropriately sized tennis racquets and red, orange or green balls), net height and scoring system, coupled with a play component, children develop better technical and point-playing skills.

MIDDLE SCHOOL TENNIS helps young teens progress quickly from beginner to full court competitive games. They receive an extra half hour of match play, plus many kids remain at the courts to play with their friends. Healthy outdoor fun and exercise! Learning tennis with their peers, many of these players go on to play high school JV or Varsity Tennis.

INTERMEDIATE-ADVANCED is geared for the dedicated junior who is playing or planning to play competitvely in programs such as USTA JR Team Tennis, USTA Tournaments, or high school varsity tennis. High level stroke production and match play.

TENNIS ACADEMY (EXTENDED DAY) This 5.5 hour tennis camp is appropriate for boys and girls, ages 9-15, who can rally over the net. The day's schedule includes 2 hrs. of morning tennis drills, swim & lunch break, and 2 hours of match play at Greenock Country Club.

SCHOLARSHIPS are available. if you need financial assistance in order for your child to play, don't hesitate to make a request! Just send a message to info@leecta,com. We'll send you an immediate reply. We can offer discounts to families enrolling more than one child or discounts for enrolling in multiple programs. Full scholarships are available, also.

LEE CTA MEMBERSHIP is optional for participation in youth programs, but very much appreciated if you decide to join. Children of Lee CTA  Members receive 20%-50% discounts on all youth programs and special events.

DONATIONS of any size are always welcome to help us fulfill our mission - to provide faciities and affordable tennis for all. Donations are tax deductible, as we are a 501(c)3 tax exempt MA Corporation.

 Lee CTA/ NJTL Philosophy

The Lee CTA Youth Tennis programs are run under the banner of 

USTA National Junior Tennis & Learning

To reach NJTL Chapter status, we've had to maintain high standards for teaching tennis, offer an educational component, and stress SPORTSMANSHIP!

Children love a sport when they have fun with friends and love their coach!

A mix of group and private lessons, along with team competition is the best way to learn tennis!

Tennis is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends!

Competition is what keeps kids in the game!

USA TENNIS NJTL is a national team tennis program for kids. Its mission is to develop the character of young people through tennis, emphasizing the ideals and life of the legendary Arthur Ashe. All the on-court programs offered by the Lee NJTL Chapter promote this mission and are centered on team play and sportsmanship. 

Every NJTL Chapter is required to have a learning component other than just tennis. The Lee CTA Chapter offers the National Arthur Ashe Essay Contest. CLICK HERE to learn more about the contest. The grand prize is a 2-day trip to the US OPEN for the child and a parent or guardian!

Coordination with Lee Youth Association (LYA) & Lenox Community Center Summer Rec Programs: The LYA runs its Summer Rec Program at the Lee Elementary School (LES), on the same campus as the Lee MS/HS tennis courts. LYA staff walk the children to the tennis courts and Lee CTA staff return the children to the school. The same cooperative effort exists at the Lenox CC, also on the same campus as the courts..This results in a great all-day camp for the kids, including tennis, at very affordable prices!