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CLICK HERE to sign up for a team in your area. Please answer all the questions. This enrollment is FREE. Please ignore any notices about payment. We'll be in contact with you after we receive your information.

For help joining a team, click here to indicate your interest in the league (free)

you can register for a "local" team by visiting Tri Town Teams, or Berkshire County Teams




To sign up on your own, follow the instructions below to GET YOUR USTA MEMBERSHIP NUMBER.

After getting your membership number, contact your coach so they can add you to their JTT team. 

How to become a USTA Member:

  1. Go to https://membership.usta.com/
  2. Scroll down and click "View Benefits and Join" for the type of membership you want
  3. On the right, click "select" for the membership you want
  4. Enter your information and pay online
  5. You can also become a member via phone by calling Member Services

Registering for a Team as a Player:

  1. If a player is registering individually, they should go to www.ustanewengland.com, click the TennisLink tab, and then choose Jr. Team Tennis. This will take you to 
  2. Click "Register to Play" and then enter your Team Number on the next page
  3. Enter your USTA membership number


click here for information about registering as a coach or captain

click here for information about being a JTT parent