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From the USTA - "Junior Team Tennis parents is a tremendous opportunity: you get a chance to see your kids learn and enjoy tennis, and you can take part by becoming an organizer or coach. It doesn't matter if you've never picked up a racquet - what's important is that you can make an impact that goes beyond the sidelines."


for information about JTT in Lee, Lenox, and Stockbridge, visit the Tri Town Travel Team page

for information about JTT in Northern Berkshire County (Pittsfield and North Adams) and Southern Berkshire County (Great Barrington, Sheffield/Egremont), visit the Travel Team page


Follow the links below to access the USTA's resources for JTT Parents:

  • Become an organizer - Follow the link below for information about awards, regulations, pilot programs, promotional materials and more.

This page is your place for resources related to JTT (links to USTA)

  • Become a coach - If you think you'd enjoy an active role on the court, check out the USTA's Coaches Corner.