Lee Ten and Under Tennis & U12 QuickStart 

There were 13 children in the U10 Red Ball group playing on the 36' courts and 19 in the Orange Ball group playing on the 50' courts.

This Red Ball group (5-8 yrs. olds) runs through a movement exercise invented by their coaches, Emily Martin & Jennifer Evans, MMRHS Tennis Team members. They turned the old Inchworm Relay into a rotating circle, passing the ball as they move from baseline to net along the sideline. They are racing another team, as seen in the photos below.  















These youngsters can swing a mean racquet, too! And they have progressed to some nice little rallies with the red balls (5-8yrs.). They play on the 36' courts, keeping score with simple 7 pt. games. Some have progressed beyond their age group to the next ability level - the 50' court with the orange balls and 4-game pro sets.                                  



U12 QuickStart Tennis


Coach Jack Harding, Lee HS Tennis Team Member, and Site Director Matt Vaughn lead the U12's in a yoga cool down. 



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