Our USTA U14 JR Team Tennis was a combo of 15 boys and girls from Lee, Lenox, & Pittsfield, ranging in age from 7 through 13 yrs. These were the players that could play full court with regulation tennis balls. One of the goals of the Lee CTA is to provide an appropriate pathway leading to competitive tennis for all of our children. The JTT league provides them with the opportunity to be on a team, while building a competitive game. 

Coach Wilson Chang did a great job bringing these kids along, some of whom had never played a match before and had to learn doubles positioning and bits of strategy, as well as refine their stroking skills. All members of the team finished the season with consistent serves and returns, as well as longer, more consistent rallies.

The JTT league matches within Berkshire County and then at the WMA Championships in Forest Park, Springfield, consisted of 2 out of 3 four-game pro sets, no-ad scoring. During the matches at Forest Park, we saw lots of enthusiasm and true grit, resulting in quite a few winning matches against 4 other Pioneer Valley teams in their flight. This is a very competitive group that will help feed the local high school teams.

With only one other team to compete against within Berkshire County, Pittsfield Parks, coached by Chad Freadman, the Lee CTA recognizes its role in rebuilding the JTT league within Central & South BC.  After talking with the coach and parents at Wyantenuck CC in Egremont, we believe they will be fielding a U14 JTT team next summer, giving our kids a more complete schedule of matches! Looking forward to the return of a formidable U14 JTT team next summer! Hopefully, we'll be able to field U14 JTT teams in both Lee & Lenox!

 We didn't get too many photos of this group, but here are a few below, from (left) the youngest, Max Beckwith, 7yrs., to one of the oldest, Sam Harding, 13 yrs. Shown at Forest Park are coach Wilson Chang, Soorie Lee, 9yrs., Morgan Hayden, 11yrs., Sam Harding & Ben Harding, 11yrs. -missing from this photo due to being on court in a winning mixed doubles match against Field Club of Longmeadow were Isley Gagnon, 13yrs., and Max., 7yrs. 


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