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Registering as a Coach or Captain:

  1. Go to www.ustanewengland.com, click the TennisLink tab, and then choose USTA Jr. Team Tennis
  2. Scroll down and click on "Become and Coach/Captain" located in the bottom right side of your computer screen
  3. Fill in the necessary information and select a password
  4. Click "SUBMIT" (write down your number and password, you will need this every time you use TennisLink)
  5. You are now an official Jr. Team Tennis Coach/Captain! This gives you your TennisLink Log in #, and you still need to create your team

Registering Players on Your Team:

  1. If the captain chooses the "Register Players" link, then they are brought to the player registration screen. If you're registering at a different time, you will need to go to www.ustanewengland.com, click the TennisLink tab, and then choose Jr. Team Tennis. Log on using your USTA number or Team Tennis number that you created when you became a Coach/Captain. Click "Register Players" under "My Options.
  2. You will see a table where you can enter a team number and then the player's USTA membership number. The team number is the number that the coach recieved when they registered the team.
  3. The Team Number will "Auto Fill" and the captain will be prompted to enter the player's USTA membership number.
  4. Then click "Proceed to Checkout" located on the bottom of your screen. This will bring you to the payment page. Click "SUBMIT", if you need a receipt, oprint out the next page that comes up.


for now, visit our Parents Guide to JTT for links to USTA resources