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2017 Adult Instruction & Practice
 You're cordially invited to ARLINE'S BRUNCH, Monday, June 19. Come meet us, eat your heart out, and try out your skills following on the red clay courts at Greenock Country Club (optional).

 Please note that husbands, wives, and all other partnerships need to Register on this website separately, with different usernames and passwords. This will prevent many complications and help with communications. 

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To sign up, begin by clicking below on the name of the instruction program you are interested in. Then carefully follow the enrollment instructions in the section titled "Description".  The enrollment instructions will step you through the process of signing up for your program on our web site. 

Program Dates Time Where

Spring Tune-Up

 Sundays  May 14 - June 18 9-10:30 a.m. Lee High School
Adult Instruction Tue/Th  June 20 - July 6 6-7:30 p.m.  Greenock CC
Adult Practice & Play Tue/Th  July 11 - July 27 6-7:30 p.m.  Greenock CC
Advanced/Intermediate  Tue/Th August 1 - August 17 6-7:30 p.m.   Greenock CC


Spring Tune-Up:  Refresh your doubles game, focus on strategy, sharpen your skills!  Six 1.5 hr. sessions prepare you for your summer leagues. First come, first served! $110 Guests, $88 Adult Members, $66 Adult Deluxe Members  

NEW THIS YEAR! The following programs have been moved to the red clay courts at GCC.

Adult Instruction:  Learn tennis with your friends in a fun, game-based approach!  Great for those new to the game, young adults to seniors, and for those returning to the game and wishing to brush up on their skills. 9 hours of instruction introduces all the strokes, rules, court positioning and basic strategy! $120 Guests, $96 Adult Members, $72 Adult Deluxe Members  

Adult Practice & Play:  Emphasizes the USTA Games Approach to improving tennis skills and play.  The 6 sessions build from a limited skills base and add more skills, such as the lob and overhead, along with refining and practicing skills that were introduced in the first 6 lessons of the Introduction.  An excellent review of skills and an opportunity to focus on strategy for any level of player. 
 $120 Guests, $96 Adult Members, $72 Adult Deluxe Members

Adult Advanced/Intermediate Instruction/Play: Advanced/Intermediate is designed for the established singles/doubles player with a NTPR rating of 3.5+. Fed ball/game-based situations will address the latest skills and strategies that are performed at the professional level. Constructive input for improving the serve,recognition drills to improve decision-making,cooperative/competitive drills with other advanced players to acquire correct reactions in "live play".  (Permission from Director requested before registration is submitted.) $120 Guests, $96 Adult Members, $72 Adult Deluxe Members

Questions? Contact: DeWitt Thomson at 413-281-3233 or 413-243-4556   djjthomson@msn.com