Protecting our members and guests from exposure to the  COVID-19 virus is a top priority!  

Start your day with 9 holes of golf, followed by lunch at the Greenock CC Restaurant!


Experience the unique softness and forgiveness of real clay!

Share the court fee with your buddies!

Reserve & Pay online!

TO RESERVE A COURT AT GREENOCK CC CLICK HERE. You will be prompted to sign in with your Username & Password
As a REGISTERED MEMBER of LEE CTA you are permitted to reserve and pay online for court time using our website Court Scheduler.
Court Fees for 1.5 hours of play are as low as $6 per hr. for Lee CTA Deluxe Members. $8 per hr.for Lee CTA Standard Members.
Court Fees for 1.5 hours of play are $24 per hour for 7-Day GUESTS and all Lee CTA REGISTERED MEMBERS, who have chosen not to upgrade their MEMBERSHIP


  • Starting times have been staggered by 30 minutes on every other court to smooth the flow of traffic throughout the day.
  • Use our "touchless" online booking and payment system to reserve a court.
  • The entire facility was cleaned with antibacterial wash the weekend before reopening day (6/29/20)
  • Staff sanitize all equipment, hard surfaces, chairs and benches before start of day.
  • Players sanitize all surfaces and equipment touched between matches.
  • Social distancing of 6' apart and masks worn until on court. 
  • PLEASE DOWN LOAD AND READ  SOCIAL DISTANCING GUIDELINES & PROCEDURES upon arriving at the Greenock Country Club Tennis Facility. Please print, ready carefully, and save for review, Thank you!
  • SAFE PLAY REOPENING STATEMENT. Please print, read carefully, and save for review, if needed. Thank you!

Private & Semi-Private Lessons 

  • Private lessons for both adults and children are available.
  • CONTACT US for rates.

Small Group Lessons 

  • Clinics with as many as 5 players are in the works. 
  • Family lessons can have unlimited numbers on the court with one coach! Bring your children, nieces, nephews, grandparents.
  • CONTACT US for rates.

Additional Guidelines

  • Players, parents, & guests feeling ill should NOT come to the club. All players (adults and children) should stay home when sick. If you are sick or a family member is sick, DO NOT COME TO THE THE TENNIS CLUB
  • All players should wash hands at home before and after play with soap and water (20 seconds). Players should bring  their own hand sanitizer to use frequently while playing, especially if touching balls.
  • Wear a mask until on the court and avoid touching eyes 
  • Handshakes, high fives, fist pumps, elbow bumps, chest bumps, huddles, group gatherings are to be avoided.
  • Players should bring their own towels, water bottles, sunscreen, and bug spray.
  • Players should bring their own spray disinfectant or alcohol wipes to use before and after touching hard services, including net lowering handles, gates, court equipment, and any chairs that they use. Please use hand sanitizer frequently while playing. 
  • Players arriving from out-of-state should self-quarantine for 14 days before coming to courts.

For additional tips from the USTA please click here: Playing Tennis Safely (linked content maintained and updated by the USTA, according to the latest CDC recommendations for REOPENING AMERICA SAFELY during the COVID-19 pandemic.) The Lee CTA Guidelines for TENNIS PLAY SAFE at Greenock CC will be updated on this page as we receive further advisories from the CDC and MA COVID-19 REOPENING REQUIREMENTS.

QUESTION: Why aren’t the courts going to be filled with the popular leagues and other group programs as in the past?
ANSWER: Organized programs and tournaments have been canceled around the world due to the high risk of spreading the COVID 19 virus. Casual tennis is one of the few sports that has been allowed to open with only a few restrictions and rules to lower the risk of spreading the novel coronavirus. There is very little danger while playing ; the danger is in the comings and goings, the social mingling that we are all so drawn to. 
QUESTION: What are those rules & restrictions?
ANSWER: There are no major changes. In the first few days after outdoor tennis was deemed relatively safe by the medical experts, only singles play was allowed. Now both singles & doubles are permitted. A few adaptations have helped insure that there is physical distancing and protection from airborne droplets. Masks are required when approaching the court, but not during play. The major  concern is social gatherings where people hang together for a little bit too long. Therefore, we'll have rules about not arriving more than 10 minutes ahead of your court time and staying in a waiting area until the other players leave the area.
QUESTION: I'm unclear about the different memberships. You mentioned that deluxe members play only at Greenock. Where would the non-deluxe members play?
ANSWER: We have 3 levels of Lee CTA Membership: $10 7-Day Guest Member, $25 Standard Member, & $80 Deluxe Member. All Lee CTA Members can book GCC court time via our online Court Scheduler; however, the 7-Day Guest Member rate is $24 per hr., Standard Member rate is $16 per hr., whereas, the Deluxe Member rate is only $8 per hr. ($2 per person).  Please see our Membership page for a full description of the member benefits. 
QUESTION:  I don't know any other players to ask to join me in a contract and even if I did, I'd feel uncomfortable doing that. How can I find others to play in my contract!
ANSWER:   CONTACT US  We love match making! That's what we're here for!