Tennis Facility Fund

This fund supports our tennis courts and overall tennis infrastructure.

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 Over the years, your donations have assisted with major capital improvements and equipment replacements for tennis courts that we use for our programs. (Lee MS/HS, Lee Athletic Field, Greenock Country Club)

          In 2013 we raised over $87,000 for resurfacing the 6 asphalt courts. at Lee MS/HS.

  • 2023 Applied for a USTA Tennis Foundation Grant to resurface the 6 Lee MS/HS tennis courts.
  • 2022 Purchased New Nets for the 2 red clay courts at Greenock Country Club.
  • 2021 We assisted Greenock Country Club with replacement of the 100+ year old Net Posts and Line Tapes (less than 100 years old).
  • 2020 COVID-19 Safe Play signage at the tennis facilities used by the Lee CTA for tennis programs. Created a COVID-19 SAFE PLAY site at Greenock Country Club. Reset steps to lower court at GCC (paid for by GCC). 
  • 2020 Assisted Lee MS/HS, Town of Lee, Lenox Community Center, and Greenock Country Club with submitting Reopening of Tennis Courts Facility Assistance Grants. These grants were offered to assist the tennis facilities the Lee CTA uses for its programs to open safely during the pandemic. 
  • Lee MS/HS received $2000 for their 6 court facility.
  • Town of Lee received $250 for the 2 Athletic Field Courts.
  • Lenox Community Center received $2000 for their 5 court facility.
  • Greenock Country Club received $500 for their 2 red clay courts.
  • 2019 Continued application for USTA Facility Assistance Grant to repair cracks and resurface 6  Lee MS/HS Tennis Courts. Determined that courts need a major reconstruction. This project will be included in the next school district bond issue, which is needed to cover the cost of a new ms/hs roof, reconstruction of football field, and several other projects,
  • 2017-2018 Met with several contractors to assess condition of Lee MS/HS Tennis Courts.
  • 2016 Began assisting Lee School Superintendent with process for USTA Facility Assistance Grant Application.
  • 2015 Scorekeepers for Greenock Country Club courts
  • 2014 Improving drainage on Greenock Country Club lower court, reinforcing corner by driveway with retaining wall and adding a truckload of red clay to improve % grade ($2000 cost split between Lee CTA & GCC.)
  • 2013 Resurfacing, crack repair, installation of drainage, painting of Ten and Under blended lines, and wheelchair access to 6 Lee High School Tennis courts. Over $87,000 was raised by the Lee CTA to qualify for a  20% USTA Facility Assistance Grant. LB Construction, Tri-Town Rotary, and Lee Kiwanis Club were major donors. Read more.
  • 2013 Improved access to lower court at Greenock Country Club. These steps were installed with the help of fundraising by volunteer Candy Clark.
  • 2002 Installed the top-quality lighting on 3 Lee High School Tennis Courts. Comalli Electric donated the design and labor.
  • 2000 Advocate for construction and proper design of 6 tennis courts at Lee HS. 
  • 1991 Backboard construction at Lee Athletic Field Tennis Courts with materials and labor donated by Kiwanis Club.
  • 1990 Advocate for re- building 2 Lee AF Tennis Courts - laying out in proper direction, new fencing, and raising courts above flood plain.