Youth Tennis Fund

If you are feeling overwhelmed, not sure how to make a difference, not wondering where to go from here, we can assure you that investing in our youth will pay back wonderful dividends! Helping children play safely outside is a worthy goal. Quote from one of our parents:

The Lee CTA really made our summer! Getting out during the Coronavirus to play tennis with the juniors at Greenock  gave us something to look forward to! The boys made new friends and that kept their morale going! 

The Lee Community Tennis Association, a non-profit 501c (3) organization, relies heavily on donations in order to maintain our tennis facilities and provide affordable programs and scholarships for youth. We suggest that all participants in our programs make an annual contribution of at least $10 to each of our 3 funds.

CLICK HERE to contribute online to the Youth Tennis Fund

You can enter any amount you wish on the payment form.

The Steve Hornbeck Youth Fund provides financial assistance so that no child is denied access to our tennis programs due to cost.  Thanks to generous contributions to this fund, the Lee CTA has consistently maintained its goal of providing affordable, accessible tennis lessons and leagues for the youth of the more 

For several years, we have reimbursed Lee CTA youth participants for their indoor Berkshire West AC JR Development Program costs, covering 50% of the fees charged for one of the sessions. This allows for affordable year-round play.