The Steve Hornbeck Scholarship Fund is the Lee CTA general scholarship fund for youth programs.

Steve Hornbeck was a volunteer dad in the early years of the Lee CTA. When his cancer was first discovered, he took a leave of absence from work for treatment and spent the whole summer assisting with the travel team, mainly driving the kids everywhere. He had just remarried, and all 4 of the children in the combined families were in the lessons. 
His children, Steve & Katie, have sent a $100 contribution annually since 2003, to the Steve Hornbeck Scholarship fund.  Donations to this fund are solicited on the website via the printable Donation Form or the Online Payment Form. The Lee CTA deposits these donations into the general checking account and maintains a separate ledger for tracking accumulation and distribution. Typical uses include subsidizing all or part of an Lee CTA program fee for those youth whose families might find it difficult to pay. Also, youth participants in Lee CTA programs have been granted partial scholarships to the junior development programs at Berkshire West AC, extending their playing season to year-round.
In 2006, the family of long-time board member Arnie Katz donated $750 to this fund in honor of Arnie’s 80th birthday, and in 2011 another $100 for his 85th birthday.
Other members have made significant contributions ($50+) to this fund over the years.
In 2006, board member Bob Mitchell donated $1000 to this fund.
In 2010, board member Wayne Donelon donated $500 to this fund.
In 2011, board member Wayne Donelon donated $1000 to this fund.
In 2011, Tom Hornbeck, Steve Hornbeck's brother, donated $500, recognizing the 20th anniversary of         Steve's passing.

In 2013, Mr. & Mrs. Alan Model donated $250 to this fund.

In 2014, the Hornbeck family donated $750 to this fund.

In 2017, the Hornbeck family donated $500 to this fund.
In 2017, the Town of Lee donated $1000 to this fund.
In 2018, Jodi Tartell donated $1000 to this fund.
In 2020, the EOY Fund Drive raised $3725 for this fund, which included $1000 from Jodi Tartell, $350   from the Hornbeck family, $300 from Toole Insurance Agency, $300 from Mike Considine, Attorney at Law, $250 from Bernie Conners (British American Company), $105 from Tiffiny Wilding-White, and $100 each from Sue Delp, Lucy Ferris, Michael Pulitizer, Jr., David Rice, John Slote, and Jessie Wolfson. 


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Youth Fund

The Steve Hornbeck Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance so that no child is denied access to our tennis programs due to cost.

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Tennis Facility Fund

This fund supports our tennis courts and overall tennis infrastructure.

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College Scholarship Fund

This fund provides $1000 to four Lee High School and Lenox High School graduates who have participated in Lee CTA leagues and programs and demonstrated a commitment to the organization and community.

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