World team tennis - Monday nights @ LEE MS/HS

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HISTORY Tennis legend Billie Jean King founded this unique gender-equity team concept in the early 1970s. Bunnie Lahey has run this flexible competitive team league since 1981. It's a great introduction to other players in the area. In the early days, a few of our teams traveled to regional playoffs, meeting some of the tennis greats. After several years, with the dawn of USTA League Tennis, we found teams could not field enough players for the playoff dates, so we decided to run this league solely as a local league. We're always open to joining the national league again. It would be a little more expensive and require more commitment. Please give us your feedback!

WTT FORMAT Each team is comprised of at least two men and two women. Team matches consist of six sets, with one set each of men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and 2 mixed doubles. The first team to reach five games wins each set. One point is awarded for each game won, and a nine-point tiebreaker is played if a set reaches four all. If necessary, Extended Play and a “Supertiebreaker” are played to determine the outright winner of the match. CLICK HERE for printable pdf of WTT Scorecard & Rules.


  • Captain should register team by enrolling online - list team members on enrollment form.
  • Team captains are responsible for fielding at least 2 men and 2 women for each match.
  • Best to have at least 6 team members to insure availability each week.
  • All team members must be Lee CTA Members, at either the Standard or Deluxe level.
  • All team members must enroll individually and pay online, naming their team captain.
  • If looking for a team, enroll and note that you wish to be assigned to a team.
  • Floating subs must be registered on this web site and have a current Lee CTA Membership
  • Teams play every other team once or twice during the season.
  • Draws a large gathering of players of all ages & levels
  • Some teams have multiple family members.
  • 6-8pm, Monday evenings at Lee MS/HS Tennis Courts on Greylock Street.

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Youth Fund

The Steve Hornbeck Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance so that no child is denied access to our tennis programs due to cost.

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Tennis Facility Fund

This fund supports our tennis courts and overall tennis infrastructure.

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College Scholarship Fund

This fund provides $1000 to four Lee High School and Lenox High School graduates who have participated in Lee CTA leagues and programs and demonstrated a commitment to the organization and community.

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