Instruction & Play Days


Lee Elementary School participants will be dismissed to the school lobby and met by one of our coaches for escort to the play site.

Students from other schools will meet at either the LES gym or LMSHS tennis courts, as scheduled. SafePlay Certified coaches will be on site at 3:15pm to check in children, hand out snacks, and supervise free play. Structured play will begin at about 4pm, allowing for the arrival of children from more distant schools. Play will continue until 5:30pm, when children will be dismissed directly to their parents or assigned guardian. Detailed instructions will be sent after enrollments close on 4/17. The safety of your child is our deepest concern!

The program is being led by PTR Certified Instructor Clare "Bunnie" Lahey, assisted by volunteer PlaySafe certified adult tennis players, college students, PE teachers, and parents. Please let us know if you would like to volunteer!

Our target audience is 3rd to 6th graders, but a few exceptions will be made for those meeting the minimum requirements. If there is some difficulty at the first session, not to worry - most children have not had a chance to play during the winter months and will be just fine after some practice with the coaches. We want this to be a positive experience for all children!


SCHOLARSHIPS & DISCOUNTS: Full and partial scholarships are available. Families are offered a $10 discount for each additional child and a $10 discount for each additional program. If applying for a scholarship or discount, please choose Mail in Payment at checkout. CLICK HERE to send a scholarship or discount request.

CHECKOUT: All transactions will be gathered in your shopping cart for a final secure check-out via Credit Card or Mail in Payment.

Descriptions of Programs
Munchkin Tennis: QuickStart Tennis format introduces our youngest children to tennis skills in a non-threatening manner, developing eye-hand-ball skills which progress easily into racquet handling. Racquets and courts are tailored to a child's size. Slower and lower bouncing balls ease a child into moving to the ball and rallying over the net. A variety of fun, fast- paced games, with every child constantly involved, introduce the forehand, backhand, volley, serve, and footwork. Children participate in rotation through various skill stations, then small group contests, and finally games that introduce scoring and rallying.

Ten & Under Tennis: Introduces tennis to children based on age, physical size and ability. By modifying the court dimensions (36 feet or 60 feet in length), uusing appropriately sized tennis racquets and slower bouncing balls, beginners progress rapidlyChildren who have progressed to rallying 4 or 5 times over the net with the red felt balls on the 36' court will be avanced to the orange ball 60' court. With success on the 60' court, the will progress to the full yellow ball 72' court. ALL children will be introduced to game play. They will learn simple scoring, match play, & good sportsmanship.

Middle School Tennis: helps young teens progress quickly from beginner to full court competitive games. They receive an extra half hour of match play, plus many kids remain at the courts to play with their friends. Healthy outdoor fun and exercise! Learning tennis with their peers, many of these players go on to play high school JV or Varsity Tennis.

Intermediate/Advanced: is geared for the dedicated junior who is playing or planning to play competitively in programs such as USTA JR Team Tennis, USTA Tournaments, or high school varsity tennis. We work on high level stroke production and match play.

Tennis Academy: This 5.5 hour tennis camp is appropriate for boys and girls, ages 9-15, who can rally over the net. The day's schedule includes 2 hrs. of morning tennis drills, swim & lunch break, and 2 hours of match play at Greenock Country Club. We need a group of at least 6 to offer the extended day. CLICK HERE if interested.

Site:Lee MS/HS Tennis Courts                                                               Site: Lenox Community Centers Courts
Days: Monday-Friday                                                                              Days: Monday-Friday

Dates/Time Program FEE Enroll
Dates/Time Program FEE Enroll


Play Days

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After School Tennis

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Tennis Carnivals


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Youth Fund

The Steve Hornbeck Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance so that no child is denied access to our tennis programs due to cost.

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Tennis Facility Fund

This fund supports our tennis courts and overall tennis infrastructure.

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College Scholarship Fund

This fund provides $1000 to four Lee High School and Lenox High School graduates who have participated in Lee CTA leagues and programs and demonstrated a commitment to the organization and community.

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