The 7th Annual LEE CTA Special Olympics Program took place at Miss Hall's School during the Month of May, with an average of 12 attending Saturday mornings. A roster of 10 coaches rotated in to assist Bunnie Lahey at each session. A Tennis Carnival providing skills contests was held on the last day, followed by a trip to the Massachusetts Special Olympics Summer Games over the weekend of June 18-19, at Harvard University. 

A busload of Berkshire County Special Olympians qualified for the Summer Games, with 2 from the Lee CTA SO Tennis Program, Michele Adler, Lenox, and Courtney Cowen, VT. Bunnie was honored to be appointed their coach for the weekend, an action packed 2 full days of tennis matches, singles and doubles, as well as Harvard University dorm living complete with cafeteria meals and special dinners, dances, entertainment. Wow, what a weekend! To top it off, both girls won gold medals. They are pictured with Jody Furer, Lee, a long-time Special Olympian in many different sports, including tennis. Last year, Jody served Bunnie as an Asst. Coach, but not this year, "next year, Mrs. Lahey." Always promises!!! 


                     Special Olympians Courtney, Jody, Michele                         


Special Olympian Jody (Lee, MA) w/ Patriot Cheerleaders     








Message from Emily Ellis: Bunnie I just wanted to let you know that the pictures are wonderful. Please if you see Michelle or any of the special Olympians send them my congratulations! I had a fantastic time helping out and you really make everyone feel welcome so thank you. I'll see you on the bus to the U.S Open. I really appreciate you allowing me to help out with this program.

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