2007 Youth Tournament

The Lee Community Tennis Association hosted their 4th Annual Invitational Junior Tennis Tournament on August 7 & 9, at the Lee Middle/High School tennis courts. Twenty-four children from throughout the Berkshires participated in the event, which was run as a USTA Non-Elimination Tournament (NET), providing unranked players multiple opportunities for play without the fear of being eliminated. USTA/New England donated a case of tennis balls and eight USTA memberships to the top four boys and top four girls in the tournament.   
The results of the tournament were as follows:
10U Round Robin:
     Champion, Satchel Fisher, West Stockbridge
     Runner-up, Evan Dempsey, Pittsfield
     3rd Place, Brian Desrosiers, Pittsfield
     4th Place, Brooke Elsbree, Stockbridge
     5th Place, Brum Fisher, W. Stockbridge
12U Boys Round Robin Playoffs:   
              Champion, Tanner DeVarennes, Lee
                   def. Peter Desrosiers, Pittsfield 8-2
              Runner-up, Conor Dempsey, Pittsfield
                   def. Kurt Warner, Lee 8-6
              3rd Place, Andy Consolati, Lee
                   def. Matt Nesti, Pittsfield 8-5
              4th Place, Eitan Yarmush, Pittsfield
                   def. Garrett Dempsey, Pittsfield 8-0
14U Girls Round Robin: 
              Champion, Smergphy Olaverria, Lee
              Runner-up, Yessy Rodriguez, Lee
              3rd Place, Maite Melendez, Lee
14U Boys Round Robin:  
              Champion, Chad Freadman, Richmond
              Runner-up, Avi Sternberg, Lenox
              3rd Place, Sean Hickey, Lee
              4th Place, Justin Evans, Richmond
16U Round Robin:  Champion, Jordan Winn, Pittsfield
                   Runner-up, Samantha Blache, Lee
                   3rd Place, Ricky Andretta, Pittsfield
                   4th Place, Myles Miller, Lee
16U: Championship, Andretta/Blache def. Sternberg/Winn 5-4
     3rd Place Playoff, Freadman/Evans def. DeVarennes/Miller 4-3
    Championship,Devarennes/G.Dempsey def.P.Desrosiers/Nesti 8-3
    Semifinals: Devarennes/G.Dempsey def. Melendez/Rodriguez 8-0
               P.Desrosiers/Nesti def. Yarmush/C.Dempsey 8-6
    Consolation: Consolati/Warner def. Melendez/Rodriguez 8-1
10U: Played as a “25” Tournament. The under 10’s were paired with older players. The ages of each doubles team could not add up to more than 25 years.
Elsbree/Yarmush def. Consolati/Melendez 4-1
 Consolati/Melendez def. B.Desrosiers/Rodriguez 4-2
Elsbree/Yarmush def. S.Fisher/Olaverria 4-2

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